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Meet our team

Haris Mavrokefalos, MSc

Clinical Psychologist
My motivation to assist people dealing with challenges led me to focus on human behavior by choosing to study Psychology. My core belief is that every person is unique and should be treated with a unique approach based on their strengths and weaknesses.


  • Master Degree (MSc) in Clinical Psychology, Leiden University, Netherlands
  • Following a 4-year Postgraduate Degree  under the title “Clinical Education in Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Adolescents and Adults”, Institute for Interdisciplinary Research & Psychosocial Support for Children and Adults
  • Bachelor Degree (BSc) in Psychology, Panteion University of Athens, Greece
  • Certified Registered Behavioral Technician
  • Annual Training in “Mental Health for Children and Adolescents”, Sismanoglio Hospital, Athens, Greece
  • Attendance of conferences to keep my knowledge up-to-date
  • Member of the Dutch Psychological Association (NIP)
  • Member of the Dutch Association of Professionals working with kids (SKJ).


  • Several years of experience dealing with a variety of mental health difficulties, providing psychological support in different settings and organizations.
  • Psychological Support to individuals dealing with various mental challenges such as schizophrenia and personality disorders at the Greek Institute for regional development and mental health (2 years). 
  • Mental Health Care to children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and their families at the International Organization “Stichting Reach Holland” in the Hague (3 years).
  • Psychological Support at School or Home to children and adolescents with learning difficulties, behavioral problems and mental health difficulties in the Hague (4 years)
  • Supervision


  • Economic Crisis and Mental Health among Teenagers in Greece
  • Patients’ perception about their involuntary psychiatric admission”

I offer therapy in English, Dutch and Greek.


Spyridoula Patouna, MSc, PhD candidate 

Counseling Psychologist

My interest in interacting with people and understanding the unique way they think, feel and behave led me to focus on humanistic studies. I truly believe that each person has strengths and skills and should be treated as capable of bringing out the best version of themselves.


  • PhD candidate at the University of Thrace, Department of Social Work. Title: “Preschool children’s and parents’ perceptions regarding screen use in Greece and in the Netherlands: a comparative study”
  • Masters Degree (MSc) in “Counselling Psychology in Education, Health and Work”, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
  • Following a 4-year Postgraduate Degree under the title “Systemic Psychotherapy”, at the Institute for Systems Therapy and Intervention in individuals, families and larger systems
  • Bachelor Degree (BSc) in Education, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. I spent one academic semester at the European University of Cyprus via Erasmus Exchange Program.
  • Annual Training in “Special Education”, University of Aegean, Greece
  • Registered Educator for Adults at the Center for Lifelong Learning of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Extra Trainings: Systemic Counselling in Education, Parental Divorce Management (University of Athens)
  • Attendance of numerous conferences to keep my knowledge up-to-date
  • Member of the Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NIP)
  • Member of the Hellenic Scientific Association for Peer Counselling
  • Member of the Scientific Association for the Promotion of Educational Innovation


  • Several years of experience providing psychosocial support in a variety of Educational and Mental Health Organizations and NGO’s.
  • Psychological Support via one-to-one sessions at the Greek National Center for Social Solidarity (2 years)
  • Psycho-social  Support  via the Greek National Hotline for Social Aid to individuals dealing with  difficulties such as depression, anxiety, addiction, family difficulties, relationship difficulties, domestic violence, unemployment, decision making and many more (2 years)
  • Psycho-social support via the Greek National Hotline for Children’s Protection (2 years)
  • Counselling via messaging  using the online platform “Live without Bullying” providing support to teenagers, parents and teachers regarding bullying in Greek. (Family and Child Care center, Athens, Greece. I am still offering my services)
  • Organization of Workshops regarding communication and self development (conducted at the Municipality of Marathon in Greece and at schools).
  • Workshops for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder at the International Organization “Stichting Reach Holland” in the Hague, Netherlands.
  • 10 years experience as a Teacher 


My passion for understanding and supporting others led me to conduct several researches. Some of them have been presented in International conferences and have been published in Scientific Journals:

  • Patouna S. & Poulopoulos C. (December 2017). The construction of meaning in Gambling addiction and in Therapy. Exartisis: Scientific Journal on Addiction Issues, vol. 29, pages 62-82.
  • Patouna S. & Poulopoulos C. (November 2018) The consequences of Gambling Addiction on Couples, 7th Pan-Hellenic Conference in Counseling Psychology, Volos, Greece
  • Patouna S. & Poulopoulos C. (September 2019). Crisis situations and ways of Crisis Management by gamblers and their spouses during gambling addiction. 17th European Federation of Therapeutic Communities Conference “Everything flows”, Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Patouna S. & Fragkakis M. (November 2019). Correlations between Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Regulation, and Parental Self-Efficacy of Parents of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. 7th Panhellenic Conference for Autism. Athens, Greece

Extra Research:

  • “ARIADNE: Developing and supporting multisectoral police reporting procedures to prevent and respond to domestic violence against women” conducted by the National Center for Social Solidarity
  • “Qualitative Approaches on multicultural issues and social justice in Counselling Psychology” by the University of Athens (presented in the 6th Conference for Counseling Psychology, Athens, Greece).

I offer therapy in English and Greek.



You can meet our psychologists at our office in Leiden or online via Skype.