Our Practice offers the following types of support that can meet your needs:

Therapy is a range of treatments that can help with mental health difficulties, emotional challenges and some psychiatric disorders. We aim to enable our clients to understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviors and develop confidence and self awareness. This way they can cope with difficult situations in a more adaptive way.

Counseling aims to help individuals develop their inner strenghts and abilities by getting a better insight of themselves. It explores and clarifies the possible solutions for a given issue in the client’s life. Our goal is to encourage our clients to develop coping strategies and apply problem solving skills on challenging situations. Counseling is a short term procedure and consists of 8-15 sessions.

Couple’s therapy focuses on restoring a better level of functioning in couples who experience relationship distress.The reasons for distress can include lack of intimacy, feelings of loneliness, conflicts, parenting, domestic violence, addiction, sexual difficulties, depression, anxiety etc. Our clients can benefit from this type of therapy by developing empathy, improving communicational skills, identifying roles and changing dysfunctional patterns.

With respect to the demanding every day life of our clients, our Services are also provided via Skype. The benefits of a Skype session include:

  • Saving time from commuting to our Practice
  • Receiving psychological support despite the lack of time that comes as a result of a busy everyday life
  • Choosing from a variety of different available hours
  • Offering Therapy and Counseling sessions to Individuals who live in cities where there is no available therapist
  • Offering access to Therapy and Counseling to people with moving difficulties or disabilities
  • Offering the opportunity for non face-to-face sessions to individuals who feel more comfortable with this type of therapy

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