Individual therapy for adolescents

Therapy for adolescents aims to help young people have a better understanding of their feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Some reasons why adolescents seek therapy are: depression, anxiety disorders, behavior challenges, substance abuse issues, stress, school and social-related issues, legal problems, low self – esteem, trauma and grief. For adolescents under 16 a written consent from both legal parents is required. We provide 50 minute weekly sessions.

Fee: 90 euro per session.

Payments of in-office and Skype sessions can be made prior to the session or at the end of it via bank transfer.

Cancellation policy: For cancellations that are made 24 hours prior to the session, there is a 50% charge. Upon cancelling within less than 24 hours the session is fully charged. There is no charge for cancellations made 48 hours or more prior to the session.