Answers to your questions regarding therapy, the frequency you need to visit your therapist and how you can choose the right psychotherapist for you can be found below:

There are moments in your life that you might experience negative emotions or have negative thoughts that seem difficult to overcome. You might feel stressed, anxious, facing difficulties sleeping or eating,  having a heavy work load or experiencing relationship problems. Sometimes you might feel stuck in a challenging situation and you are not sure about the way to change it. In either situation, therapy can help you cope with these difficulties and find the right tools to bring balance in your life. If you want to know how therapy can be beneficial to you, you can meet a therapist and discuss together about the process.

Absolutely not. The only person that is allowed to prescribe medication for any kind of disorder (anxiety, depression etc) is a Psychiatrist. You might like to know that there are several situations that psychotherapy was helpful enough for individuals with disorders and they did not need any medication to help them cope with their every day challenges.

Psychotherapy will definitely help you understand the effects of your problems in your life and can help you find the right tools to overcome difficulties and face challenges. The effectiveness of therapy lies mostly on your willingness to be honest and open towards yourself and your therapist. Psychotherapy itself can not solve all of your problems. It needs commitment and authenticity from you as well.

Our psychologists are fully trained and qualified. To learn more about them, please read more information here. Once you choose the psychotherapist you think is the most suitable, you can schedule a first session according to the psychotherapist’s availability (for availability check here).

For your psychotherapy to be effective, it is important that you work with a therapist you feel you can trust. During this first session you can decide if the person you have chosen is the right match to you and if you would like to schedule your next session.

Our psychologists use a range of tools based on the psychodynamic, the systemic and the cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. The type of psychotherapy depends on the client’s issue. You are always welcome to ask any questions you might have regarding these approaches and how each one of them can help you cope with the difficulties that you face.

Sessions are conducted once per week. In some cases, or after some time, your scheduled sessions could be twice per month, as you might need less support than that given to you at the beginning.

Any moment. Your coming to the sessions is mostly your motivation for change. Most clients stop when they have reached their goals and their request has been fulfilled.

No. You come to the sessions at your own free will, and you leave the same way.

Yes. Anything you share with your psychotherapist is absolutely confidential. The only exemption is the threat of causing harm to yourself or others.

Yes. Online Psychotherapy has proved to be as effective as face-to-face therapy in a variety of difficulties and mental health disordes such as anxiety, depression, social anxiety, chronic pain and many more. Numerous studies can be found that prove the positive results of online psychotherapy . As an example you can follow the links below:

This depends on your insurance. You will need to check this with your insurance provider. Please note that it’s the client’s responsibility to cover the fee.

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